Why Retain Attorney Mark A. Chmelewski?

When you need competent and professional legal defense, Attorney Mark A. Chmelewski is the correct attorney for your case. With more than 25 years experience as an attorney including experience as a state and city prosecutor, He will provide you with a strong defense. If you are charged with a crime or traffic infraction in Chelan, Douglas, Yakima, Kittitas, or Grant Counties, it is imperative you obtain legal counsel promptly.

Types of cases handled

  • DUI/DWI – if you are arrested for driving under the influence, Mr. Chmelewski can assist you. As your defense attorney, He can defend you against these charges effectively. A DUI conviction can have long-term ramifications including loss of drivers license, steep fines and a jail sentences.
  • Assault charges – unfortunately, sometimes disputes lead to physical altercations. In many cases, assault charges stem out of acts of self-defense. However, without the services of a skilled criminal defense attorney, you may face jail time, fines, and a criminal conviction which has long term collateral consequences.
  • Reckless/negligent driving charges – you depend on your driver’s license to ensure you can get to your job, your family and even everyday tasks like shopping. If you are facing reckless driving charge, your right to drive could be suspended. Attorney Mark A. Chmelewski will work to preserve your privilege to drive.

As a skilled criminal defense attorney, Attorney Mark A. Chmelewski has developed his practice with years of experience as a state prosecutor, city prosecuting attorney, municipal court judge, and as a defense attorney. Call Mr. Chmelewski today for a consultation if you are facing criminal charges. You will receive the excellent representation you deserve.

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