The state of Washington has four different levels of assault charges depending on the facts alleged. Three of the four are felonies and may count as a strike under the Washington three strikes law. Three strikes and you may spend the rest of your life in prison.

If you are convicted of an assault, in addition to losing your freedom, you may lose your reputation in the community and your relationship with your family. If you are divorced with children, the conviction may interfere with your custody and visitation. Some jobs will no longer be available to you if you have an assault conviction on your record whether it is misdemeanor or a felony.

Assault Doesn’t Actually Require You to Touch Another Person

One misconception about an assault charge is that to be convicted, the person must have inflicted some harm on the victim. This is not true. The prosecuting attorney only needs to prove that the alleged assaulter had the intent to cause great bodily harm and acted in a way that made victims fear they were indeed about to be harmed or assaulted.

Defenses to assault

You need to consult an experienced criminal defense attorney who can protect and defend your rights and discover if there are defenses available to you. For example:

  • Were you defending yourself?
  • Were you defending another person?

Attorney Mark A. Chmelewski has over 20 years of experience in practicing criminal law in the state of Washington. He spent years as a prosecuting attorney and 10 years as a Municipal Court Judge. He firmly believes that all clients, no matter what the charges are against them, deserve professional and ethical representation.

If you are charged with an assault or under investigation for having committed an assault, do not talk to anyone about your case, particularly law enforcement. Seek legal representation so that your rights can be protected and any potential damages can be mitigated.

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