Reckless / Negligent Driving

Under Washington law, drivers may be charged with reckless driving or may be charged with negligent driving. In both cases, the penalties can be very severe. Depending on the severity of the charges, a defendant may be facing fines of between $250 and $5,000 and may face not only a loss of driving rights but also the potential for jail time.

Reckless driving versus negligent driving

Many drivers do not know the difference between reckless and negligent driving charges. Not only are the penalties significantly different but the elements of proof required are also different.

  • Negligent driving – to prove negligence, merely requires a law enforcement official to prove the driver acted in a manner that was not consistent with “what a reasonably careful person” would do under the same circumstances
  • Reckless driving – to prove recklessness, it must be demonstrated the driver exhibited a gross disregard for the sake of other persons or for property. In many cases, when a driver is cited for DUI after a traffic accident, they may face enhanced sentences if they are also charged with reckless driving

Retaining an attorney

If you are cited for reckless or negligent driving, it is imperative you contact an  Attorney. Failure to do so could result in steep fines and a possible jail sentence.

Why Attorney Mark A. Chmelewski

Retaining an attorney after you have been charged is necessary to protect and defend your rights. Attorney Mark A. Chmelewski is a former prosecutor, understands the legal system and can help you defend against the charges you are facing. He understands that your right to drive is imperative and he will to fight to have charges reduced or whenever possible eliminated completely. Call today for help with any charges you may be facing and let me make sure you get the representation you require and deserve.

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